"I travel and observe people, finding creativity is an instinctive act that expresses shapes and harmony; the expression of an inner emotion in continuous evolution. I enjoy guessing what peoples preferences are and will be. For me it's a source of incitements and emotions, a life experience."

Pace e amore


Silvio Vasconi. A man inspired by contemporary fashion, with a deep understanding of the latest trends, but with an absolute respect for timeless style.

It is this fusion of ideas which has inspired Silvio to launch his own eyewear collection. With a focus on quality and classic style, Silvio's eyewear collection is diverse in shape, style and colour. As Silvio believes that quality and style do not need to be exclusive concepts, there is a piece in Silvio's collection to suit everyone's face and taste. Growing up in Northern Italy, Silvio has always been surrounded by chic couture, the latest trends and and classic Italian tailoring, from which he has drawn inspiration throughout his career.

As a creative and ambitious individual, Silvio has always strived to leave his own mark on the fashion world. Since first moving to Milan as a young twenty-something, Silvio has gone on to live and work all around the world, for a number of high street names as well as exclusive luxury brands. Having had a key influence on these fashion houses throughout his career, Silvio now launches his own eyewear collection, branded with 'Silvio Vasconi' on the left temple. Silvio's mark is now there for all to see.